Malatto Coffee started as a passion project between Rose Kuru and Lucas Sena. Their vision is to provide New Zealand with the best coffee from South and Central America. Lucas grew up in Colombia, and he knew that there are a lot of farms that produce amazing coffee that had not yet been exported to the rest of the world as a result of the economic and social limitations of the farms.

The team want to showcase these underprivileged and undiscovered farms to New Zealand coffee lovers. Currently, Malatto Coffee continuously imports green beans from different farms in Colombia in search of the best beans and learning from the experiences of farmers.

Their green beans are roasted by Coffee Teach, a company that has partnered and advised Malatto how to roast, taste and identify the best coffees. They have coffees from different corners of Colombia, Panama and Peru because they are sure that each region has invaluable coffee treasures in its mountains.

Malatto Coffee has a passion for coffee, it is love for coffee growing, it is pleasure for work, and it is a direct link between producers in the Colombian, Central America, South America countryside and the final consumer. It is a guarantee of greater economic benefit for the coffee grower and an excellent cup profile for the real coffee lover. Malatto is a company that wants to create a coffee culture in New Zealand through the design of experiences and sophistication of the consumption of our drinks.