Flight Coffee Jingle Belle Christmas Coffee

It’s back. The long-awaited return of Jingle Belle, Flight Coffee's 2021 Christmas Blend - just in time for the silly season.

A blend of washed processed coffees from Yirgacheffe and Sidama in Ethiopia, and Nyamasheke in Rwanda. 

Process: Washed
Roasting Profile: Filter Roast

Tasting Notes:

  • Peached Iced Tea
  • Raspberry Jelly

In 2010 we opened Memphis Belle Coffee House smack bang in the middle of the Wellington CBD. People thought our site was all wrong, said we were too young, and we didn't have a clue. We even remember old Geoff getting us on the blower and telling us we were bringing coal to Newcastle. Classic G. Miss you btw.

Five months after opening Memphis, it became a staple in the Wellington café scene. It was voted best café in Wellington, won a few other prizes, and even made the 6pm news (the days before Netflix). And just like that, our story had begun.

During this time of year, we often find ourselves in a place of reflection. Looking back at how and why we started Flight Coffee, remembering all those who helped us along the way. We also find ourselves looking ahead, making sure that where we're going aligns with those original ideals we started out with. 'How can we do better?'

We’re a curious bunch, we’re not shy of a challenge, and don’t care much for the status quo. We’re here to help lead coffee and our industry into the future. We’re after a better outcome than yesterday. Than last year. Than 2010. We’re after a better one. Better Coffee.

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