Flight Coffee Kintamani Bali Natural

Flight Coffee Kintamani Bali Natural

Tasting notes:

  • Pineapple
  • Watermelon
  • Golden Kiwifruit

Producer: Karana Coffee
District: Buta Kaan, Bali, Indonesia
1200 - 1350
S-795 & Karika
Roasting Profile: 
Pourover, Aeropress, French Press

The coffee was produced by Karana Coffee, a boutique processor of Specialty Coffee green beans with a special focus on Bali. They are a micro-lot processor focused on developing quality Arabica from the coffee plantations of Kintamani. All Karana’s Bali red cherries come directly from their farms and are then processed at their facility an hour’s drive away in amongst the rice fields of Banjar Juga, Mas, central Ubud.

Embedded in traditional village life they are the only Specialty Green Bean processors in Bali that control quality from the farm to finished product. They train and employ local people contributing annually to projects centered on community education and the environment. Their coffees are traceable and processed with the utmost care.

The Coffee is grown in village Batu Kaang in the Kintamani Region which is located in the northeast of Bali. The loamy sands of Kintamani are quarter age and the volcanic Inceptisols and Entisols have good physical and chemical properties conducive for coffee farming. Located at the slopes of the active Mount Batur volcano and being in the vicinity of Mount Agung the Kintamani area is ideal for coffee cultivation. The cherries are laid out undercover on drying beds made from bamboo with wire mesh for 24hrs then moved outside to concrete patios in the full sun.

The coffee is raked several times per day, covered with tarpaulin at night, sorted and dried to 10% moisture rested then hulled. The name Kintamani became synonymous with Bali’s coffee production and since 2008 the coffee produced here is placed under geographical indicator protection being the first of its kind in Indonesia.

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