Flight Coffee Colombia El Carmen Decaf

Flight Coffee's Decaf originates from Colombia and is processed using 100% organically derived Ethyl Acetate, a byproduct of sugar cane production.

Producer: Raw Material
Region: Colombia, Pitalito, Huila

Variety: Caturra/Castilo
Process: Sugar Cane
Roasting Profile: Medium - Dark

This flavour profile features:

  • Brown Sugar
  • Cherry
  • Dark Chocolate

The coffee itself is sourced from El Carmen which is the first member of the Red Associations project, based in Pitalito, Huila. The Red Association in this region began with the creation of a drying hub, where producers from the local area could dry their harvest without the risk of rainfall rinsing away their profits.

Previously, producers had to sell their parchment wet, through an intermediary who would dry on their behalf. This meant that this vital step was out of the producer’s control, which in turn meant they could only capture a portion of the potential return for their harvest.

Once these hubs were complete, attentions turned to a space for the QC and cupping lab to be housed. This is a space next to the drying hub, that will be fully repurposed for the lab.

Once the equipment has been purchased and fitted in the hub, producer members of the Red Associations will have direct access to how their coffee is graded, first hand, with the opportunity to better know the market that their coffees move into, and how best to later their own methods at farm, to potentially capture a larger return for their harvests.

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