Frank Green French Press 16oz/475ml Blush

Designed for the ultimate coffee connoisseur, this french press delivers pure decadence.  

Created with an innovative ceramic inner layer that will keep your coffee tasting just the way it was intended, with an integrated stainless steel mesh plunger that ensures it stays deliciously smooth until the very last drop — there’s no sediment in sight.

The revolutionary triple-wall vacuum insulation keeps your coffee steaming hot or icy cold while you go about your day and our pouring hole has been purposefully designed for a quick pour so you can quickly transfer into your reusable cup and hit the road. 

It’s best enjoyed with frank green’s certified organic and fair-trade coffee that has been specifically roasted and ground for this french press.

  • Hot or cold for hours
  • No grinds come through
  • Ceramic lined for pure flavour
  • Unbreakable
  • 16oz/475ml
  • 12 month warranty

black french press 16oz / 475mL

Prepare your coffee

Remove lid and plunger from the french press and scoop in ground coffee (1 scoop for 1 cup or 2 scoops for 2 cups).

black french press 16oz / 475mL

Pour and brew

Carefully pour in boiling water to the desired level but be careful not to overfill past the max fill line. Put lid on and let coffee brew for 5 minutes (or to taste).

black french press 16oz / 475mL

Plunge and enjoy

Slowly push the plunger down, pour coffee into your frank green reusable cup and enjoy a sustainable sip!