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Loveramics Bamboo Hand Grinder

Loveramics Bamboo Hand Grinder - a  modern hand grinder that can be home use, or travel with you.
  • The latest patented invention sets a new standard for porcelain coffee grinding by creating an inert and very sharp burr, made from porcelain, that is comparable to industrial burrs.
  • This ensures you cut the beans uniformly for the best brewing performance, with a completely metal-free material.
  • advantage of using a neutral material is to avoid generating too much heat when grinding, which could release a metallic flavour and start cooking the coffee.
  • Built in funnel, no more flying beans
  • detachable arm. Save space in trips or kitchen storage.
  • Solid Bamboo, hygiene, renewable, hard source of material.
  • The bottom section of the Loveramics Coffee Grinder is an industrial threaded solid bamboo collecting cup. Its flat bottom gives you stability when grinding on a flat surface and the thread gives you a very secure fixing.
  • Changeable glazed Porcelain Lids, a new brew everyday!
  • ergonomically designed allowing you to hold it with 2 hands in the air for the most efficient grinding position, or you can rest it on a flat surface for a more stable grind. 


  • Length: 15.5cm including arm, 8cm diameter without
  • Height 18cm
  • Capacity 40g coffee maximum one time


  • Solid Bamboo Body
  • Porcelain burr grinding mechanism with plastic parts
  • Porcelain Lid
  • Stainless Steel Arm and mechanical parts
  • Bamboo Knob
  • The bamboo grinder body
  • bamboo collection cup
  • 2 brushes
  • A linen bag
  • A grinding arm



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