Must Espresso Biodegradable Coffee Pod - Harmony Blend

Must Espresso Biodegradable Coffee Pod - Harmony Blend - a coffee capsule for Nespresso Machines that can 100% biodegrade naturally.

The Harmony blend (Armonia in Italian) has a deliciously Intense flavour with delicate sweet and fragrant notes –(Medium strength) 100% Biodegradable and certified Organic.

10 coffee capsules/pods per pack

Most capsules are difficult to recycle (you need to wash out and post) or with some so called “biodegradable” solutions they take years to decompose. 

These capsules, made by renewable energies, are aluminium free, do not contain oil based plastic and are completely recyclable into organic waste. 

With the new Biocaps you just throw away the entire capsule, including the lid and seal and each part will break down naturally without harming the environment.

  • Oxygen Tight
    Unlike some Coffee capsules that require additional wasteful packaging in order to stay fresh our biodegradable capsules are completely oxygen tight – ensuring your coffee stays as fresh as the day it was roasted in the Marche Region of Italy

  • Co2 Neutral
    Our BioCapsules are produced exclusively using energy generated from wind, sun, hydropower and biogas.

Note: The new Vertuo System machines from Nespresso do not use Nespresso System Pods so these Pods are not suitable for those machines.

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