Quaterpast Hot Chocolate Syrup 360ml - Orange

With Quaterpast Hot Chocolate Syrup 360ml - Orange, your chocolate experience should never disappoint! Allow yourself to savour this luxurious blend of rich dutch cocoa, expertly balanced with citrus-y orange notes: it’s indulgence in a bottle!

Thickness will naturally vary, as it is made with a high concentration of real cocoa, so get creative getting it out of the bottle: scoop it, pour it, enjoy it!

  • One 360mL bottle = 18 cups
  • Weight0.56 kg
  • Dimensions7.5 × 7.5 × 15 cm

QUARTERPAST does not use artificial colours or flavoursQUARTERPAST Hot Chocolates have are not GMO QUARTERPAST Hot Chocolates are vegan-friendly

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