Society Coffee Brazil Red Diamond Single Origin

Shop Society Coffee's Brazil Red Diamond Single Origin. Chapada de Minas is the new frontier in coffee plantations in Minas Gerais. Well knowns for its caramel, dense body characteristic in a cup. 

Natural Brazil's are the most popular coffees in the world. Nor directly due to its taste notes, but mainly because people are used to its nutty and 'typical coffee' taste. 

Apricot & cranberry | roasted malt | cocoa nibs 

At Society Coffee, we see coffee as fruit and in general promote cleaner and brighter beans, but with this Red Diamond carefully produced by Ricardo Hirofumi, his family farm started in 1975. As the second-gen of the Hirofumi family, Ricardo has continued with production and producing one of the few high-quality coffees in the region, adding value to the production of his coffees.

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