Coffee Tech

We are thrilled to welcome Coffee Tech to The Coffee Collective! Bringing you a selection of their award winning coffee blends. Including their Panama Signature blend, Panama Classic Blend and KŪ Kuro Blend. Shop online and have your order Freshly Roasted, Delivered To You - The Coffee Collective. Get to know Coffee Tech in the blog below!

Coffee Tech

Why Coffee Tech is Different

Coffee Tech is not like a usual coffee company. We source most of our green beans by ourselves, then roast and supply to our general customers and cafes. This may sound normal, but this is done on a different scale.

We purchase our top end coffees through auctions, not limited to, but like Best of Panama, Best of Yemen and Cup of Excellence. Through these purchases, we organically made friends with many of these top coffee farms which allows us to purchase their other interesting coffees. These different selections of coffees imported by our own connection makes our coffee lineup different, interesting and unique. This is how we can have Panamanian coffees that are generally considered high quality but high price in our main blend.

We choose to be different in our own way because we are serious about coffee. We have top end coffees and excellent equipment to support the brewing. We have achieved many awards like Australian International Coffee Awards, Golden Bean Awards to NZ Barista Champion. However, this is only a passing phase to our final goal. What we aim for is your happiness and inner peace you find through good coffee. Our skill for roasting, brewing or even the selection of coffee means nothing before your happiness, but we cannot deliver you our best without them.

So we ask you to appreciate and respect the coffee and equipment, and have no distraction to the most simplest thing - the brewing. Then use all your senses to focus on the flavour - the tasting. Because we truly believe coffee can make the world a better place.