Pour Over Coffee Makers

Pour over coffee has existed for centuries. From Phin Filters to Chemex, pour over coffee has been a popular brewing method in various forms worldwide. Brewing coffee using the pour over method results in a clean, pure cup of coffee. It is a simple and easy way to make coffee: the brewing process is uncomplicated, and minimal investment is required to give this method a go. 

Here at the Coffee Collective, we are proud to bring you a great range of pour over coffee makers from well-known and loved brands, including Chemex, Hario, Bodum, and Wacaco. We also stock all the gear recommended for the perfect pour over, including pour over cones, paper filters, gooseneck kettles, coffee scales, and coffee grinders. If you are looking for a gift for someone (or yourself!), check out our pour over coffee kits.

Don't forget to explore our range of coffee from New Zealand's leading coffee roasters that can be ground specifically for pour over brewing. View our collection today and have your order Roasted Fresh, Delivered to You.

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