All Equipment & Accessories

Looking to spruce up your home or office coffee corner? Check out The Coffee Collective for all Coffee Brewing Equipment and accessories that you're after. From Coffee makers to barista accessories such as coffee knock boxes, electric and hand coffee grinders, milk pitchers/ milk jugs, thermometers, scales, tampers and tamper mats, cleaning products and more! 

If you are on a new to other coffee brewing methods, such as pour over coffee, for example, we have all the accessories needed to perfect this brewing method too. From gooseneck kettles to drippers, paper and reusable filters, cups and glassware, coffee bean storage canisters and more.

Our range includes world leading brands so be sure to find the gear you're after! If you don't, please reach out via the contact form and we might be able to get you what you're in search of. 

Also be sure to purchase some freshly roasted coffee from our great range of New Zealand Speciality Coffee Roasters. Coffee is roasted fresh and delivered to your door.