The Coffee Collective are a proud NZ Frank Green stockist, bringing you a fantastic range of the Frank Green Products. Our range includes not only the Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Bottles and Cups, but the Frank Green Original range also. This includes the Frank Green Original Cups, featuring the 12oz and 8oz in a range of colours and sizes as well as the Frank Green 25oz Drink Bottle and Original Frank Green Gift sets. 

The Ceramic range features the Frank Green Ceramic 10oz Cups, 12oz Cups, Frank Green 20oz Bottles and Frank Green 34oz Bottles,, so you can keep the drinks you want to keep hot, or keep cold throughout the day. These come in a great range of colours, so you find the best colour to suit your style! Also check out the Frank Green Ceramic Desk Buddy Gift Sets in a range of colours! 

We have also just introduced the new Frank Green French Press / Plunger. Created with an innovative ceramic inner layer that will keep your coffee tasting just the way it was intended, and will hold 16oz (475ml). This comes in three colours, Blush, Cloud and Midnight/ black. 

Frank Green reusable cups are here to do better by our planet. In just 15 uses, you will offset the environmental impact it took to create your cup. Buy Frank Green online in NZ at The Coffee Collective.