Coffee Grinders

Freshly grind your beans with some of the best coffee grinders available here in NZ from The Coffee Collective. Grinding your own beans at home or on the move with a quality coffee grinder is the most important step to improving your coffee experience and ensuring your brew quality is as fresh as it can be. 

We have a great range from compact & portable hand coffee grinders, to home bench top electric coffee grinders. The brands within our range include Hario, Rhino Coffee Gear, Bodum, Loveramics, Bodum, Fellow, Bialetti, Varia and VSSL. 

Whatever your requirements are for grinding coffee for your favourite brewing method, we are here to help! If you are searching for a compact coffee grinder for on the move/ travel that is compatible with your Aeropress, the Rhino Compact Hand Coffee Grinder might be your solution! If you are looking to enhance your daily brew be it for Aeropress, Pour-Over, French Press, Cold Brew etc, then the Fellow Ode could be your answer! Designed specifically for these brewing methods, the Ode is not an espresso grinder. For more on each of the coffee grinders, view & shop our range online here. Fast delivery nationwide to all New Zealand addresses, so you are not left without fresh and flavourful coffee!