Single Origin Coffee

Shop an extensive selection of Single Origin coffee from over 20 New Zealand coffee roasters at The Coffee Collective, and have your order Roasted Fresh, Delivered to You.

Single origins often display rather nuanced and unique flavour profiles. These flavours can be more hidden in blends, as they are influenced by a particular region's climate, soil, altitude, and processing methods. This means that, when brewing with single origin, you'll enjoy a pronounced yet complex cup of coffee. 

With over 50 different single origins on offer, there's something to suit everyone's taste. Select the appropriate size bag before adding to checkout, with sizes ranging between 200g-1kg. Select from whole beans or your preferred grind size, including espresso, filter, or plunger - and, for some blends, Chemex, Aeropress, Turkish, or stovetop. 

Whether you are shopping for home or the office, find a great range of freshly roasted Single Origin coffee beans online here, at The Coffee Collective.