Welcome to The Coffee Collective

The Coffee Collective was born in December 2019 when a coffee loving household had no coffee left and were too busy to run down to their favourite roasters to stock up.

Combining a few skill sets, firstly in coffee consumption and the second having a passion for online retailing, the perfect combination was brewed to deliver an all-inclusive online offering to New Zealand coffee consumers, which was before non-existent.

For all those similar - coffee loving, yet extremely busy households and businesses, The Coffee Collective is your solution. You will find coffee from our New Zealand Coffee Roasting Partners, roasted fresh to your order and delivered to you. We also have an extensive range of coffee brewing equipment, coffee syrups and more, so you can build your home or work coffee bar to suit your style. 

Our Range

Here at The Coffee Collective, we are continually evolving our range to deliver you the best of the best coffee related products New Zealand has to offer.

Our coffee range is comprised of some of the greatest (not being bias..) coffee roasters in New Zealand, whereby we provide our customers a great selection to choose from in one place. Including Coffee Blends, to Single Origin Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Organic Coffee and even Coffee Pods/ Capsules. Additionally you are able to purchase the particular sized bag of coffee you would like and if you would like it ground to suit your favourite coffee brewing method.

Once selecting the coffee(s) you would like to try, we work with the roaster to get this delivered freshly roasted to your doorstep. Be it for home or the office, your coffee will have your family or colleagues talking as the smell of the freshly roasted coffee moves through the air. 

If it takes the hassle out of choosing the next coffee to try, check out our Monthly Coffee Subscription, where you can explore coffee from a fantastic line-up of premium New Zealand Coffee Roasters. Our Discovery Boxes are dispatched at the beginning of every month, so you have an exciting box to look forward to opening. Tailor your box to suit your favourite brew method from single origin coffee to blends & decaf. You will then be able to select the coffee style (Whole Beans or ground) and choose to receive just one 250g bag or two per month.

We should probably also mention our premium selection of coffee brewing equipment.. Our coffee brew gear range is always evolving to meet any New Zealand coffee connoisseur's taste buds. Including world renowned and household name brands such as Aeropress, Chemex, Hario, Bodum, Bialetti, Rhino Coffee Gear and much more. 

Our range expands from coffee makers, to coffee grinders, coffee scales, knock boxes, milk pitchers/jugs, kettles, thermometers, replacement parts, canisters, coffee cleaning products, reusable cups, coffee mugs and so on and so forth. 

Last but not least, we also have some complimentary products to our wonderful range of coffee which includes drinking chocolates, syrups and milk alternatives. 

We are very proud to bring such an extensive and inclusive range of all things coffee. Feel free to get in touch with the team at any time if there is something you would love to see us stock, have a question or generally just want to chat about coffee!

Find us at Coffee Events, such as our recent Chocolate & Coffee festival in Auckland. We have also just opened up Click & Collect at our Warehouse/Office space in Rosedale, Auckland. 

Rachel Segar, founder of The Coffee Collective

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