Coffee Brew Guide: Chemex

The Chemex Coffee Maker is known for producing a clean and flavourful cup of coffee, with minimal bitterness or sediment. With this style of Pour Over Coffee Brewing, you are able to control various aspects of the brewing process, such as water temperature, pour rate, and coffee-to-water ratio, to tailor the taste to your liking. It's also a visually appealing way to brew coffee, making it a favourite among coffee enthusiasts and baristas alike.

The Chemex Coffee maker was invented in 1941 by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm. Peter was an eccentric chemist that developed over 300 patents, ranging from cocktail shakers to automobiles. His focus was on making everyday objects more functional, attractive and enjoyable to use.

When designing the CHEMEX®, Schlumbohm desired to not only make brewing the perfect cup simple, but also to have the vessel be a thing of beauty. Being a chemist, he studied and understood clearly the chemistry behind the extraction of flavour and caffeine from coffee beans.

Chemex is made simply from non-porous, borosilicate glass and fastened with a wood collar and tie, it brews coffee without imparting any flavours of its own. Get the most out of your Chemex with the following Brew Guide.

Chemex Recipe:


Chemex Coffee Maker
Brew Ratio 1:16
Coffee Beans
Medium-Coarse Grind
92-96°C Water

  1. Place your paper filter into the Chemex, with the thick (3-layered side) covering the spout.
  2. Boil your kettle and rinse the paper filter. Remove water from server.
  3. Add coffee grounds into the filter with respect to your brew ratio.
  4. Pour 50g - 100g water in a circular motion to saturate the coffee grounds and wait for about 30 seconds for the coffee to bloom*.
  5. Slowly add the remaining water over the coffee grounds in a circular motion to complete your brew ratio.
  6. Once your brew is finished, remove the filter and enjoy! 
Brew Ratios:
  • 3 Cup: 20g / 320g
  • 6 Cup: 40g / 640g
  • 8 Cup: 60g / 960g
  • 10 Cup: 80g / 1280g

*Bloom: Where the coffee grounds inflate and bubbles appear. This occurs as the gas releases from the coffee (from roasting) and enables the remaining water to yield the full potential of the coffee whereby extracting the aromatics & oils whilst brewing.

You can adjust the brew ratio to suit your preferred strength and flavour. I.e reduce the ratio to make a stronger brew.