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Here at The Coffee Collective, we are pleased to bring you a great range of single origin coffee, decaf and blends from Switch Espresso Coffee Roasters, available either as whole beans or freshly ground to your liking. Shop online and have your order Freshly Roasted, Delivered To You.

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About Switch Espresso

Switch is an locally-owned independent roaster with a small crew who live and breathe coffee. Based in Christchurch, Switch made their start in New Brighton in 2006 and now operates out of their boutique roastery in Middleton. Founder Hamish Evans worked his way up through the Christchurch café scene, and since he now runs a roastery, you could say he never really left. 

As part of a tight-knit local network in Christchurch and around the South Island, Switch supports local businesses, cafés and coffee stores to provide excellent and sustainable coffee. But not only do they supply coffee to great cafes, Switch also runs three cafes of their own: the award-winning Black Betty on Madras Street.

Their mission

Switch is super proud of the fact that they're 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Being an independent and local roaster means they are free to follow their passion for sustainable ethical coffee and packaging, and to source great-tasting beans directly from some of the world’s coolest growers.

In one of several industry-leading sustainability initiatives, Switch hand delivers coffee beans in Christchurch in reusable buckets to prevent plastic bags going in the bin and ultimately ending up in the landfill.

Switch's transparent relationships with farming collectives and ethical suppliers mean they can offer excellent quality and competitive pricing, whilst ensuring that that the people involved in growing beans get a fair price for their hard work.

This approach is also good for the environment. Switch's organic growing partners around the world care about the environment as much as they do. Their partners are into low-impact farming, harvesting and drying methods, and low waste.

The Roasting Process

The centre of Switch's operation is their baby, a Joper CRS-30. This roaster is a premium, high-tech masterpiece that enables them to pump out consistent, extremely high quality roasts. It’s a commercial-sized roaster - double the size of their previous roaster - and can process 30kg of beans at a time.

This is a hot-air roaster, which means instead of having gas flames directly on the roasting drums, there is essentially a box of hot air underneath the drums. This method prevents burned bits of coffee created by hot spots on the drum.

Their roaster is semi-automatic, which is the perfect blend of control and consistency. Every time Switch runs a roast, they ‘record’ it in the roaster’s computer. That means that next time they're roasting the same type of beans, they can do everything exactly the same, resulting in a consistently high quality roast. 

 Switch is your locally-owned and operated Christchurch coffee roaster

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