Espresso Workshop Coffee Roasters

Espresso Workshop was founded in 2007 on the principle of unlocking the flavour potential of specialty coffee, advocating the merits of unique flavour profiles and the promotion of premium single origin coffee.

The goal of Espresso Workshop is to demonstrate that coffee is not just a product but an experience. Coffee obsessed, sometimes fanatical, but they reckon that this focus on the product only inspires their team to produce better coffee.

Espresso Workshop’s first step for producing small batch roasted coffee is to purchase the best quality green coffee we can source.  

Secondly, the coffee must be traceable and transparent, for example they must know, the producer, the altitude, the varietal, the processing method, and any accompanying harvest information that makes that coffee special.

They are firm believers that strong relationships produce better coffee. Espresso Workshop actively look to strengthen and purse longevity in their relationships to develop trust, and with over a decade of experience in roasting specialty coffee and building reputation in the industry, they pride themselves on their deep knowledge of the coffee industry.

You can find Espresso Workshop at their Orakei, Auckland premise, which is not just a Roastery with space to train and host cuppings, but it is also a collaborative space, where they have partnered with Ampersand Eatery. 

As well as their other established espresso bar locations in Parnell (former Roastery) and Britomart still work their magic for the city and city fringe coffee fanatics.

The Coffee Collective are excited to bring the great Espresso Workshop range to you. Including signature coffee blends, organic and decaf coffee, as well as their latest Single Origin Coffees.

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