Cafetto - A cleaning product for every machine

Cafetto® produces cleaning and sanitation products for espresso, coffee brewing and beverage dispensing equipment. Cafetto® is the industry leader in effective organic and eco-friendly solutions, offering cleaning products to improve equipment performance and simplify cleaning processes. Through its extensive product portfolio and global network, Cafetto® provides cleaning products to both the commercial and domestic markets.

Benefits of cleaning your equipment:
• Improve machine and equipment performance
• Increase the life span of the machine
• Increase machine reliability
• Reduce service downtime
• Improve flavour of coffee


Traditional Espresso Machine Cleaners

Daily use of an espresso machine cleaner on commercial machines will reduce the frequency of machine services, lengthen the lifespan of your machine and improve the quality of coffee extraction.

Cafetto® has a comprehensive range of high performance cleaners that are formulated to clean espresso machine group heads, valves and lines. Cafetto’s espresso machine cleaning powders remove coffee oils, grounds and stains, improving the taste and aroma after the machine is cleaned.

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Super Automatic Cleaning Tablets

Different brands and styles of super automatic espresso machine are unique and require a cleaning tablet with a specific dissolution time, size and shape.

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Milk Cleaners

The MFC® range has been developed to sanitise, remove milk residue and hard water scale from milk lines and frothers. Whether you’re dealing with hard water or need a cleaner that can break down build up from milk-based products, Cafetto® has a product suited to your requirements with both alkaline and acidic products on offer.

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Acidic milk cleaners are specially formulated for hard water conditions. Acidic cleaners deliver high levels of effective scale removal while sanitising. Milk lines must be flushed with water before use with acidic cleaners.

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Alkaline cleaners provide excellent cleaning capabilities for heavy milk deposits in instances where there is a build-up of milk in the milk lines. Alkaline cleaners are recommended for machines using dairy products that are high in fat such as full cream milk, cream or ice cream. They also control scale when used frequently.


Descaler Powder & Liquids

Why Descale? Scale build-up causes equipment downtime leading to increased machine service frequency, more part replacements and a shortened machine lifespan. Scale build-up also reduces the quality of espresso flavour.

Cafetto® has a comprehensive range of high performance and eco-friendly descalers to suit both service technicians and home users. Check the them out here at The Coffee Collective NZ.

Cafetto Organic Descaler 250ml -Click Here // Cafetto LOD Green 1L - Click Here
An eco-friendly liquid descaler which rapidly and easily removes lime scale and calcium build up from metal surfaces in contact with hot water such as espresso machine water tanks, coffee brewing and other hot water equipment.

Cafetto Restore Sachets -Click Here
A safe and effective eco-friendly powder descaler for removing hard water scale from espresso machine boilers, coffee and milk delivery lines.

Cafetto Spectra Descaler -Click Here

An eco-friendly powder descaler which visually indicates whether a descaling cycle has been successful using pH-sensitive dye compounds. Orange indicates an effective descaling cycle, and blue indicates that another descaling cycle is required.


Grinder Cleaners

Cleaning the internal components of a coffee grinder are often overlooked or deemed unnecessary. However, cleaning the internals will remove build up of stale coffee residue, odours and reduce blockages between burrs and chutes. Cleaning will also improve grinder performance and extend the working life of its burrs.

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General Cleaning & Accessories

Maintaining completely clean equipment requires premium cleaning accessories. Cafetto® offers a range of accessories to support a clean and healthy machine with a focus on simplifying the cleaning process.

Cafetto Brew Clean 500g -Click Here
Clean filter coffee brew baskets, servers, air pots and coffee pots with Brew Clean powder, designed to remove coffee oils and coffee stain, providing a superior clean.

Cafetto Inverso Sachets -Click Here
Return shine to milk jugs, crockery and cutlery. This unique formula of enzymes is versatile removing fat, oil, and grime build up from stainless steel surfaces and accessories, leaving a shiny finish without the scrubbing.

Cafetto Eco Capsule Clean -Click Here

Thoroughly cleans the brewing chamber and delivery spout in Nespresso®* capsule coffee machines. Eco Capsule Clean is a biodegradable Nespresso®- compatible capsule containing certified organic cleaning powder.