Acaia Pearl Carry Case

The Acaia Pearl Carry case is designed to provide protection for your scale during travel.

With a minimalistic design, it provides sturdy protection of your pearl without taking up excessive space.


    • Suits: All models Acaia Pearl; Pearl S, Pearl 2021, and Acaia Pearl
    • Case Weight: 388g
    • Dimensions: 184 (W) x 186 (L) x 52 (H) mm
    • Material: PU, ABS

    The case is protective ensuring your scale isn't damaged by other objects in your bag, however, sudden shock may still damage your precision scale. Handle with care.

    Calibration changes can vary with local gravity, surface tilt, and atmospheric conditions. These variables must be considered - it is recommended to allow the scale to rest out of its case in the location of use before calibration. 

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