Avanti Tempwiz Frothing Thermometer

Flat white? Cappuccino? Hot Chocolate? Get your milk to the right temperature with the Avanti Tempwiz Frothing Thermometer. 

  • Temperature range -10ºC to 100ºC Dual Celsius/Fahrenheit display
  • Rugged stainless steel body and probe
  • Magnified display dial
  • Complete with frothing pitcher clip
  • Size: 25mm
  • Warranty Details: Lifetime Warranty
  • Attach the thermometer to the edge of frothing pitcher utilising the spring-steel clip which is fitted to the temperature probe's shaft.
  • Slide the probe's shaft through the clip until its point extends at least halfway into the milk. For absolute accuracy, it is important to ensure that the probe's point is not touching the pitcher's base or sides.
  • Froth milk until it falls within the optimum temperature range of 60-70ºC/140-160ºF.
  • DO NOT use thermometer in a microwave oven.