Hario Ceramic Coffee Grinder Skerton Slim Plus

Hario Ceramic Coffee Grinder Skerton Slim Plus is a compact ceramic burr hand grinder.

It's the perfect size for travel, for camping, even for the office - anywhere you'd want to make just a few cups at a time with a compact and portable hand grinder.

The Mini Slim Plus has the same overall form factor as the previous iteration, now with an updated and more durable handle and shaft coupling.

Its ceramic burrs are washable and are made to last longer than equivalent steel burrs. 

  • Dimensions: W150 × D72 × H220mm  
  • Capacity: 24g Coffee Grounds
  • Glass Bowl: Made in Japan
  • Materials:
    Washer, Hopper shaft cover, Pin, Grind adjustment nut: Nylon
    Shaft, Screw section, Spring, Handle: Stainless steel
    Outer burr, Inner burr: Ceramic
    Cover, Bottle: Methacrylate resin
    Handle grip, Center cap, Hopper: Polypropylene
  • Instructions/ Manual: Click Here.