Society Coffee Ethiopia Single Origin

Society Coffee Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Edido Natural Single origin

Poached peach | Chocolate Cream | Pinot Gris

Medium body | Silky & supple | Milk tea like aftertaste

Region: Edido, Southern Region, SNNPR.
Altitude: 1950 - 2100 m.a.s.l.
Harvest: Janurary-Feburary, November - December
Varieties: Ethiopia Heirloom
Processed: Natural, sun-dried on African bed

    Approximately 800 coffee producers from Edido region deliver ripe cherries to Wonberta’s Edido washing station where the cherries are sorted and dried on raise beds. Generally the smallholder owns approximately 1⁄2 hectare of land. Cherries are regularly turned every 2 to 3 hours in the first few days to promote even drying of the cherries for five to six weeks. The dried cherries are then hulled and stored in the high altitude and cool temperature washing station to let the coffees rest and preserve the longevity of the coffees.

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