Society Coffee Ethiopia Single Origin

Society Coffee Ethiopia Kochere | Boji

Tasting Notes:

  • Stewed blueberry
  • Cocoa nibs
  • Tangerine pulp
  • Medium body

Boji is a privately owned washing station in Kochere, named after the kebele where it is located. They process Washed, Honey and Natural, have a great shade drying facility, and they use clean river water for the washing. The farmers have a lot of experience and the site is very well managed. Altitude is high and the climate chilly. At the Boji washing station, fully ripe cherry is submitted to the mill, where the coffee is de-pulped, fermented in concrete tanks for 48 hours and dried on raised beds.

Commonly in Yirgacheffe coffee producers pick and sell their coffee to washing stations that are within walking distance from their farms. These producers grow heirloom varieties and practice the "coffee garden" production techniques that are common throughout Ethiopia.

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