Altura Coffee Roasters

The Coffee Collective is very pleased to bring you freshly roasted coffee from Altura Coffee Roasters. Including Altura's well-known and loved Coffee Blends, Single Origins, Decaf, Organic and Fair Trade Coffee. 

Let's dive into the history of Altura Coffee!

Altura's story dates back to 1991. Owner and founder, Chris White decided to set off on his own journey of setting up a boutique coffee roasting company 100% committed to serving New Zealand's hospitality sector, namely Altura Coffee Company.

Chris White from Altura Coffee
Chris White - Altura's Master Roaster

Chris had trained as a coffee roaster for Robert Harris in 1980 and worked his way up the ranks. In starting up Altura Coffee in 1991 on the North Shore of Auckland, it was the start of Chris’s inclination to challenge convention in the name of the perfect cup of coffee. He was striving to produce coffee that achieved a high level of consistency without smothering the unique characteristics offered by each single origin in every blend.

Not only did Chris build his own roaster and developing unique roasting profiles for every new batch of green beans, Chris became one of the first New Zealand coffee roasters to set up his own coffee trading company to source beans directly from the country of origin. He worked with his business partner, Carl Sara, to create Mountain Top Coffee (MTC) New Zealand, so Altura could develop strong, on-going relationships with coffee growers in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Kenya. The long-term relationship that exists between MTC and the individual coffee bean farmers not only ensures that the best green beans make it into your cup, it guarantees fair prices for the growers and on-going support for their communities.

Chris is also apart of the NZ Coffee Roasters Association and has worked his way through the judging ranks at the World Barista Championships: from being a sensory and technical judge to head judge. - You will find Chris around Altura Cafe on the North Shore of Auckland, continuing to do what he loves. He continues to design each and every roasting profile for Altura’s single origins and blends. 

Altura Coffee!

When Altura first opened in 1991, there were only four other boutique coffee roasting companies in New Zealand. Now there are over 180 in Auckland alone. Altura remain 100% New Zealand owned and operated and continue their quest for coffee perfection. You will find Altura Coffee served in cafes right throughout New Zealand. Experience Altura's perfectly roasted, award-winning coffee from The Coffee Collective. Freshly Roasted, Delivered To You. 

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Altura Coffee