Altura Coffee Altitude Blend Capsules

The award winning Altura Coffee Altitude Blend now available in capsules. Contains 100% Arabica beans, dark chocolate, caramel with lower acidity and full body. 20 Pack.

Nespresso compatible coffee capsules.

Sourcing the best green beans, roasting to perfection and blending to produce the highest standard of coffee is Altura's goal, done so they can supply unique quality coffee to customers throughout the country and ensure every cup delivers perfection.

Altura Coffee Company is proud to have won the Supreme Award at the Huhtamaki 2015-16 New Zealand Coffee Awards.

Since the inception of the New Zealand Coffee awards Altura Coffee is the only NZ Roaster to have won this for a second time.

A panel of eight judges were responsible for sampling the brews by blind tastings, Altura’s new blend Altitude was a clear winner with the highest individual score in the eight categories of the awards.

The coffee awards are a platform which gives every Roaster in NZ an opportunity to showcase their coffee blends and origins which we all craft with special care.

We were especially pleased to use this platform to enter our new blend called “Altitude” which directly derives from the strapline “Coffee with Altitude” that underpins the Altura name.

Along with the Supreme award our Altitude blend also received the Gold medal in the “Flat White” category, this is extremely special as this is NZ’s favourite coffee beverage.

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