Coffee Brew Guide: French Press

The French press continues to be a popular household method for manually brewing coffee, valued for its simplicity, affordability and the ability to brew a full-bodied cup of coffee. The French Press dates back to the 1920s where an Italian designer first patented a coffee press that resembles the modern French press. 

The French press, as we know it today, gained popularity in France in the 1950s. At this time, a couple of Frenchmen, Mayer and Delforge, patented a version of the press pot using a metal or nylon mesh screen and a cylindrical glass or stainless steel container.

By the 1960s the French press became common in many households. Since then, many companies have produced their own designs of the French press although continue to ensure the basic concept remains the same.You will find a great range of various French press brewers online at The Coffee Collective. Including glass and stainless steel plungers, in a range of sizes to suit your home, office or travel needs.

Experience a consistent and flavourful brew of coffee from your French Press/ Plunger/ Cafetière with our brewing guide below.

French Press Recipe:


French Press
Brew Ratio 1:15
Coffee Beans
Course Grind
96°C Water

  1. Warm your french press by rinsing with just-boiled water. Discard this water.
  2. Add freshly ground coffee to the base of your french press carafe.
  3. Pour 50ml - 100ml water in a circular motion to saturate the coffee grounds, give a gentle stir and wait for about 30 seconds to allow the coffee to bloom*.
  4. Pour remaining water into the carafe to complete your brew ratio.
  5. Let the coffee steep for five minutes.
  6. Plunge, serve and enjoy!
Brew Ratios:
  • 3 Cup: 20g / 300g
  • 6 Cup: 40g / 600g
  • 8 Cup: 60g / 900g

*Bloom: Where the coffee grounds inflate and bubbles appear. This occurs as the gas releases from the coffee (from roasting) and enables the remaining water to yield the full potential of the coffee whereby extracting the aromatics & oils whilst brewing.

You can adjust the brew ratio to suit your preferred strength and flavour. I.e reduce the ratio to make a stronger brew.

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