West Coast Cocoa's 2022 Awards

Check out the shiny new awards that West Coast Cocoa have just claimed at the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2022.

West Coast Cocoa's Peppermint Hot Chocolate and Dark Deluxe Hot Chocolate have recently won a silver medal at the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2022. Find out below what the judges have to say!

West Coast Cocoa Peppermint - "Good aroma of peppermint, spice and cocoa. Everything harmonises and is well balanced. Lovely flavour, spikes interest. Nice and creamy."

West Coast Cocoa Dark Deluxe - "Aroma and colour are very good.  Smooth with good body, well balanced and creamy with good chocolate flavours."

And.. it doesn't stop here! 

West Coast Cocoa have just claimed some shiny new medals at the Inspire+ NZ Artisan Awards. They are honoured to have received awards for all four hot chocolates entered.

Their specialty flavoured hot chocolate products, Mayan Chilli and Peppermint, received gold medals. While the original blend Deluxe hot chocolate and rich dark cocoa Dark Deluxe hot chocolate received silver medals.

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