Wacaco Exagram Coffee Scales

Wacaco Exagram Coffee Scales are compact and precise - the perfect addition to your coffee collection!

Its accurate weight measurement helps you to dial-in espresso with convenience and ensure repeatability of perfect extraction shot after shot.

Its built-in timer function gives you the best tool for complete control of your pour-over brewing process.

The tare function easily displays the net weight of ingredients by subtracting the weight of any bowl or container.

Pocket-size, the scale fits most brewing devices and espresso machine trays.

Comes with a silicone pad so that the stainless steel top surface is well protected from heat transfer and liquid spilling.

Dimension 124x77x24 mm
Weight 128 g
Materials ABS, Stainless Steel, Silicon.
Weighing Range 0.3g~2 kg
Scale Interval 0.3g~999.9g d=0.1g
Max. Count Uptime 29 minutes and 59 seconds
Auto. Power Off After 5 minutes
Display Backlight LCD. Dim light after 90 seconds.
Unit g/oz
Power Source 1.5Vx2 AAA batteries.

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