Acaia Pyxis Scale

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Acaia Pyxis Scale - Light, precise, and fast. Similar to our fifth anniversary edition Cinco, the Pyxis scale weighs right down to 0.01 of a gram and up to 500 grams. Its compact size and slim design make it easy to travel with.

  • 0.01G SENSITIVITY: The Pyxis can respond to a weight as light as a feather--starting from 0.01 grams--and measure up to 500 grams. It is the highest-resolution weighing scale in Acaia’s catalog.
  • FIRMWARE SUPPORTED: The scale receives periodic firmware updates, which are available through our free Acaia Updater app.
  • COMPACT AND WATER RESISTANT: The Pyxis is designed to be compact and resistant to water.
  • ULTRA PORTABLE: The 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm (2.55 in x 2.55 in) size is one of the smallest among high-resolution scales in the world. The Pyxis weighs 70 grams, making it ultra-portable for traveling.
  • THREE WEIGHING MODES: The Pyxis comes with three built-in weighing modes: weighing mode, dual display mode, and shot clock mode. MOBILE APP
  • COMPATIBLE: Bluetooth-enabled to sync with our apps.
  • INCLUDED: Pyxis Scale, Carry Case, Calibration Weight 100g, Micro USB Cable 


Product Weight

70 g ± 5 g

Product Dimensions

W: 65 mm L: 65 mm H: 13 mm

Maximum Capacity

500 g / 17.63 oz

Minimum Weight

0.01 g

Measuring Units

g / oz


0.01 g / 0.05 g


0.01 g / 0.05 g


1 d / 2 d

Indication Limit

515 g / 18.16 oz

Power Supply

5 V / 500 mA


Lithium-ion rechargeable 3.7 V 310 mAh

Battery Life

Up to 7 hours




Aluminum, Acrylic


Bluetooth 4.0


1 Year

Inside the

Pyxis Ultralight Weighing Scale x 1

Pyxis Carrying Case x 1

Micro USB Charging Cable x 1

Acaia Calibration Weight 100 g x 1

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