Espresso Workshop x De'Longhi 'Tutti' Blend

Espresso Workshop x De'Longhi 'Tutti' Blend is a new collaborative blend with their friends at De'Longhi. "Tutti" is designed to pair perfectly with De'Longhi's range of fully automatic coffee machines, the blend can also be enjoyed through De'Longhi's pump espresso machines as well.

The name "Tutti" is the Italian word for 'everyone' or 'all', to signify the partnership that bought about this collaboration, the combination of flavours coming together from around the world, the people who came together to make it happen, but also the togetherness and connection that a cup of coffee can bring.

The blend is compromised of predominately Brazil Fazenda Jaguara, with an additional mix of Colombia Popayan Reserve and Tanzania AA.

    The coffee is full bodied with a dominant bittersweet chocolate flavour (similar to 50% cocoa chocolate), and accompanied by subtle dark plum and blackcurrant notes.

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