Flight Coffee Thunderbolt Bold Blend

Flight Coffee Thunderbolt Bold Blend is designed for espresso, and for all the deep, bold, and strong coffee lovers out there.

Thunderbolt is a bit different than the other blends. It's the rustic yet finessed blend; punchy and delicious. It‘s like the stout beer equivalent of Flight Coffee's blends. The Thunderbolt has been crafted to give that kick that so many love while retaining their quality and social impact at origin due.

  • Scorched Almonds
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Dates

    Producer: Various small lot holders
    Region: Rwanda, Colombia, and Brazil
    Process: Washed, Washed, and Natural
    Varietal: Red Bourbon, Castillo, Colombia, Castillo, Yellow Catuai, and Yellow Bourbon
    Roast Level: Medium - Dark
    Roasting Profile: Espresso

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