Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pot 600ml

The Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pot 600ml, an elegant and effective way to produce quality cold-brewed coffee at home. You will get a rich and smooth brew, containing less than half of the acids of traditional hot brew methods.

The Hario Cold Brew Coffee Maker is simple to use and made with high-quality heatproof glass, as with all the Hario products.

  • Dimensions: (W) 138 x (D) 94 x (H) 208mm
  • Made with high quality heatproof glass 
  • No replacement filters needed (wash and re-use) 
  • 600ml capacity 
  • Also suitable for brewing tea
  • We also have a 1L jug available if you are looking for a larger option

To make up to 600ml of cold brew, simply follow these steps: 

  • Add your favourite ground coffee to 600ml of water 
  • Steep the grounds in the internal permanent filter for anywhere from 3-12 hours 
  • Combine cold brew with water and enjoy over ice - with milk or black.  It's a great summer time cooler!

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