Meebz Single Origin Coffee Monsoon Malabar

The Meebz Monsoon Malabar is a unique, low acid single origin from India. Crafted for a coffee that is truly unique with big bold flavours. 

Meebz are proud to showcase this single origin due to its creative process where the harvested coffee seeds are exposed to the monsoon winds and rains for up to four months. This process causes the beans to expand and lose almost all their original acidity giving the coffee an almost neutral pH balance. 

A good option for filter or a lighter espresso option.

Tasting Notes:

  • A super intense coffee with low acidity and big bold flavours. 
  • It exhibits flavours of burnt caramel, malt, chocolate and spice.

Filter Brew Ratio: 1:18
Brew Time: Less than 2-minutes (depending on brew method).
This means that for every gram of ground coffee added into the filter there is 18 grams of hot water.  If using a plunger/French press you can add two tablespoon’s of ground coffee (approximately 14-grams), mixed with 250ml of hot water.  Still stuck?  Check out this link to learn more about brew ratios - click here.

This coffee is from the Malabar coast in India.  The crops are selected and sun-dried in large barbecue style machines. 

The monsooning process involves a lot of labor repeatedly raking and turning the coffee around at intervals. 

The beans turn a pale golden colour that distinguishes them from other coffee.

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