Rhino Coffee Group Head Brush

The Rhino Coffee Gear group head brush is the perfect choice for cleaning those unwanted coffee grounds from your group head, showers and group seals.

Designed with a sculpted arch to avoid hot water running back down the brush and coming into contact with your hand.

The base of the brush has a built-in dosage scoop making dosing your backflushing powder accurate and consistent every time.

The bristles can be replaced once worn out, and are available to buy as a 3 pack - Click Here

  • 3 Tools in One – A durable brush, a chemical doser and a steam wand cleaner.
  • Replaceable Brush Head – The hardest working tool around your machine will keep on going.
  • Tilted Design – Arches in a way that you’ll be able to flush the group and scrub at the same time no burns.
  • Length: 17cm
  • Product code: RHGB

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