Shott Syrup 1 Litre - Black Tea and Peach

Shott Syrup 1 Litre - Black Tea and Peach - Batch brewed black tea infused with sweet peach. Delicious both hot and cold. Try cocktails, smoothies, desserts and in the kitchen for baking and cooking.

  • Real black tea
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Great in hot water
  • Great in iced water
  • Made in New Zealand

Preparing for a date this coming Saturday Night. Honestly, you’re a bit nervous and a little short on money. SHOTT Black Tea & Peach concentrate can show your taste and adaptability all from one bottle. Peach Iced Tea Collins to get the night going and then bring out the Peach Poached Pear Tart to seal the deal. SHOTT Black Tea & Peach will set you up for a good night in.

Recipes -

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