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We are stocked to now be ranging the awesome Wacaco Portable Coffee Machines online at The Coffee Collective! Find out more about Wacaco and the story behind the creation of the Minipresso.

"Founded in 2013, Wacaco is a startup company based in Hong Kong. Its registration precedes the Minipresso commercial launch. Originally started in 2012 as a personal project, in an effort to create a small, light and convenient handheld espresso machine, the Minipresso is now under production.

Hugo Cailleton, founder of Wacaco and master degree's holder in industrial design, has been involved many years in the manufacturing of home espresso machine prior to initiate the development of the Minipresso. The idea of the portable espresso machine, allowing users to pull their own drink on the go, crossed his mind one morning during a business trip after having been disappointed by a poor espresso shot in a hotel.

Back home, he started to examine available offers, bought samples and tested them. But none of those products satisfied him totally. They were too heavy, had poor extractions, shots temperature was too low and they were over priced considering their occasional use. Accustom to enjoy great shots day after day, his creative spirit was set to elaborate an easy to carry device, with performance close to home machines, allowing consumers to produce good espresso anywhere at lower cost. He had to solve many problems, but there was room for a better solution.

The path to achieve the dreamed device was not easy. Over ten prototypes were built to test different mechanism, coffee extraction, product interaction and design. Feedbacks from friends, test groups, coffee business professionals were carefully noted and reviewed. Some features were added, others were removed in the process, requiring to go back to the drawing board more than a few times. With perseverance and hard work the conception come a long way and Minipresso was finally close to expectations. Twenty months after the trip that changed Hugo's daily life, the injection molds were under manufacturing.

Today, time has come to put Minipresso in your hands. Crafted with reinforced materials to withstand shocks, we are proud to offer you an unique portable espesso machine. An innovative creation, durable, built to prepare authentic coffee drinks." www.wacaco.com/pages/about-us

From the launch of the Minipresso in in 2015 they have been claiming awards and innovating to expand on this fantastic product. In 2017 Wacaco introduced a second generation portable espresso machine - the Nanopresso. Without a question this machine was also one to talk about, featuring in National Geographic's All the Gear You Need for Winter 2017. In November 2019, the latest model to launch is that of the portable 3-in-1 Vacuum Coffee Maker - Pipamoka. This is the world's first all in one portable coffee maker and has already become widely talked about, along with being named one of the 10 Best Portable Coffee Makers by Wired.  

At The Coffee Collective NZ, we are stoked to bring you these four fantastic products from Wacaco. Including the Nanopresso, Minipresso GR, Minipresso NS and the Pipamoka. Thoughtfully designed with the user in mind to bring you the best possible coffee whilst on the go. For more information, view the following related blogs and shop online at The Coffee Collective. 

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