Coffee Brew Guide: Moccamaster

Beautifully designed and hand built in the Netherlands since 1964, the Moccamaster is a semi-automatic filter coffee brewer. Accredited by the SCAA, SCAE and other coffee industry bodies, it is a sleek, durable brewer that is easy to use and clean.

The Moccamaster can make top-notch coffee for one person or many, with the ability to easily brew a litre of coffee in under 6 minutes. The hot plate can also keep your brewed coffee warm for up to 40 minutes.

Here at The Coffee Collective, we are proud to bring you a great range of Moccamaster machinesThis brew guide is tailored for the Moccamaster ClassicSelect, and Thermal machines, but similar instructions can also be used when brewing with the Cup-One.

    Get the most out of your Moccamaster with the following Brew Guide!


    Moccamaster Recipe

    Brew Ratio 1:16
    Coffee Beans
    Medium-Coarse Grind
    Cold or Room-Temperature Water

    You'll need: 


    Brew Ratio Guide:
    • 1 Cup - 15g or 2.5 scoops of ground coffee : 250mL water (marker no. 2 on tank)
    • 2 Cups - 30g or 3 scoops : 500mL (marker no. 4 on tank)
    • 3 Cups - 45g or 4.5 scoops : 750mL (marker no. 6 on tank)
    • 4 Cups - 60g or 6 scoops : 1L (marker no. 8 on tank)
    • 5 Cups - 75g or 7.5 scoops : 1.25L (marker no. 10 on tank)

    See the "Notes" section below on how we recommend to make your coffee weaker/stronger.


    1. Fill the water reservoir with cool (preferably filtered) water, as per your brew ratio.
    2. Place a paper filter into the filter basket, making sure it fits nicely.
    3. Rinse both the filter and coffee carafe with hot water. Discard the water. This step is optional but recommended for a few reasons (see "Notes" section below).
    4. Scoop the required amount of ground coffee, as per your brew ratio, into the pre-wet filter paper that is now within the filter basket. 
    5. Place the filter basket back onto the Moccamaster, and place its lid on top. If using a Moccamaster with a manual-adjust brew basket, make sure the filter basket's flow control is open (empty circle) if brewing a full carafe, or half-open (half-filled circle) if making a half carafe.
    6. For the Select and Classic models, toggle the selector switch to either the half or full carafe setting. This switch is next to the power switch.
    7. Turn on the Moccamaster and let it brew. Serve & enjoy!  


    • Make sure to weigh & measure the ground coffee.
    • If the coffee extraction takes too long (6+ min), overflows the filter in the brew basket, or your final brew is bitter, try grinding the coffee a bit coarser.
    • If your coffee is stronger than you prefer, we recommend adding hot water to your cup rather than changing the brew ratio.
    • If your coffee is not as strong as you'd like, we suggest exploring different coffee varieties or roast profiles. Check out our amazing range of coffee here!
    • Rinsing the filter & carafe is recommended for a few reasons. First, it helps remove any papery taste from the filter, and ensures the coffee stays warm as soon as it hits the carafe. Second, rinsing the filter will also help the filter adhere to the side of the filter basket better, staying open when place your coffee grounds into the filter and during the brewing process. Finally, pre-wetting the filter preserves the accuracy of your brew ratio, as the water from the reservoir will go into the brew and will not be absorbed by the filter.
    • When the Moccamaster has finished brewing, it will turn off automatically. The Moccamaster heating plate will stay on for 40 minutes. On some models, you can toggle the heat setting to either high/low, or turn it off completely.
    • It is recommended to clean and descale your machine every 3-4 months. Check out our blog on how to clean and descale your Moccamaster.