Introducing: Moccamaster

"Life is too short to drink bad coffee". That philosophy is what inspired Gerard Smit to found Technivorm, the producer of Moccamaster, in 1964. 4 years later, Smit designed the first Moccamaster machine. 

Beautifully designed and hand built in the Netherlands, production of all Moccamaster machines takes place in a small, picturesque town called Amerongen. 

The secret to perfect coffee is temperature and brew time. This is why Moccamasters are designed with these factors in mind. Their copper heating element ensures an optimal brewing temperature between 92 and 96°C, and the brew time on all Moccamasters is perfectly arranged so every cup of coffee has the perfect strength.

Moccamaster also believes in doing good for people and the planet. Only high-quality materials are used to create their coffee machines. All plastics used are food-safe and BPA, BPS, BPF, and phthalate-free. Moccamaster brewers have a modular design, making individual parts easy to replace and repair. Replacement parts are available for all current models.

These machines are notoriously incredibly aesthetic, making them a favourite of design lovers. Their simple, retro-modern design means they look like a work of art - one that makes amazing coffee! The Moccamaster Classic 1.25L is available in many colours, so you'll undoubtedly find one to suit your home or office.

Our Moccamaster range also includes the Cup-One Brewer, the Select 1.25L, the Thermal 1.25L, and a variety of accessories (including replacement measuring spoons, #1 Paper Filters, and #4 Paper Filters).

Get one for yourself and find out why Moccamasters are said to be one of the best coffee makers available!