Society Coffee Roasters

Society Coffee is a specialise boutique coffee roaster based in Auckland, New Zealand. Society are passionate about creating carefully selected, hand-crafted, micro-batch roasted coffee. 

Society Coffee represents a group of people who were brought together through their shared passion toward coffee and values towards quality and philosophy of delivering a specialty coffee experience. Society believe that coffee is an art form and enjoy connecting with like-minded people who not only enjoy drinking a good cup but also are passionate about the origin of the cup in hand. Including learning the bean's origins, farming methods, and the way flavour notes are developed that result in the cup.

Society stand for people who enjoy coffee and from there want to reconnect the fundamental ritual of coffee which is often lost in translation in the hustle and bustle of modern life.

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Here at The Coffee Collective, we are excited to bring you Society Coffee's range. Including the delicious Seasonal Espresso Blend, Single Origins and Decaf Coffee.

Society Coffee