Avalanche Coffee

Here at The Coffee Collective, we are stoked to now bring you the wonderful range of Avalanche Coffee. Our range includes their wonderful drinking chocolates, sugar-free drinking chocolates, coffee sachets, sugar-free coffee sachets, chai latte sachets, nespresso compatible coffee pods and collagen smoothies. You can find these all online for purchase here! 

Interested in getting to know Avalanche Coffee? Look no further, we have their story here for you! 

"We are not part of some giant multinational but founded by a couple of young guys, Paul & Stefan who just wanted to have their own gig and drink decent coffee. We kicked off in 2001 with a fresh coffee business roasting the best organic & fair-trade coffee beans we could get our hands on.

But we started to have some real fun when figuring out the big existential questions like “how could you make a café style coffee at home without a $2,000 coffee machine”, or “What about if hot chocolate was sugar free”. These “what about” and “how could” questions have fuelled the meaning of our lives ever since and given rise to some of our greatest creations.

We are 100% New Zealand owned and operated by the same two Paul & Stefan’s from 2001." 

Avalanche Coffee - Our Story

Avalanche Coffee