Slow Coffee Roasters

Slow Coffee Roasters, founded by Alex King and Sam Dakin (OLY) who are two local NZ athletes. Water skiing and track cycling. Both have a massive passion for coffee and the way it connects people.

The name came off the back of Sam's mental health struggles and how he used moments over coffee to reflect on the world around him, helped him be present and ultimately recover from a tough spell. Hence the name, Slow.

We are driven by producing quality coffee, quality service and also educating people about what is in their cup all whilst helping them slow down, enjoying slow coffee and being where their feet are. 

Here at The Coffee Collective, we are pleased to bring you the delicious seasonal espresso blend and filter roasts from Slow Coffee Roasters. View what we have on offer online here and your order will be freshly roasted and delivered to your door.

Slow Coffee