Able Brewing Disk for Aeropress - Standard

Able Brewing Disk for Aeropress - Standard is designed to be used in the AeroPress Coffee Maker or Bruer Cold Drip System.

These filters allow more oils and a fuller-bodied cup of coffee than disposable paper filters when used with the Aeropress.

Fuller body cup of coffee with a bit more fine coffee grind getting through. Made from a thicker piece of stainless steel which should last many years of heavy use and is harder to bend/damage.

Size: Standard

  • Reusable - eliminates the need for paper filters reducing waste and saving you money. Makes your AeroPress routine eco-friendly without compromise.

  • Smooth, Clean Mouthfeel – The fine holes reduce sediment and let the natural oils through to create a smooth, clean cup.

  • Travel Ready – Leave the paper filters at home for a leaner brewing experience while on the travel – this Able Brewing Disk can be used over and over again, is easy to clean, and packs like a charm right into the AeroPress filter cap.

  • Easy to Clean - the disk is hassle-free, easy to wipe clean and best of all it's reusable and will last forever so better for the environment.

There are two sizes, which is right for you? 

  • STANDARD: Yields a fuller cup of coffee with a bit more fines.  Thicker, and should last through many years of heavy use.  It is more difficult to bend and/or damage. - Click Here

  • FINE: Produces a very sweet & clean cup of coffee with very little fines to none at all.  It is much thinner (1/3 of the Standard) and should be handled with care, as bending/damage is more likely.