Ozone Coffee Brothers Blend

The Ozone Brothers Blend brings together coffees from Kenya and Nicaragua. 

Brothers Blend changes every six months with the arrival of fresh crop coffees. Brothers lighter roast profile showcases the unique character of the coffees we use, highlighting sweetness and acidity, along with the outstanding work of our sourcing partners at origin.

A great option for both filter and espresso coffee.

This flavour profile features:

  • Blood Orange
  • Mango
  • Dark Chocolate

This incarnation brings together coffees from El Yalcon, Colombia and El Encanto, Nicaragua. We have sourced coffees from El Yalcon for three years, with 36 small holder farmers contributing to this coffee.

Year on year we look forward to fresh crop El Yalcon because of the consistently excellent quality. El Encanto, Nicaragua is a 55 hectare farm in Matagalpa that is owned and run by the Mierisch family, a third generation coffee producing family, again renowned for the quality of their coffees.

El Encanto coffee is shade grown so the cherries mature more slowly which provides greater sweetness and complexity

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