Bruer Cold Drip: Brewing Instructions

Step One: Measure of your Coffee

  • 60g freshly ground coffee
  • Medium grind
  • Medium Roast


Step Two: Assemble the filter

  • Make sure the finer side of the mesh is facing upwards.
  • Pout the glass tower into the filter

filter-direction.jpg filter-on.jpg

Step Three: Add coffee to the tower

  • Pour the 60g of measured coffee into the tower and shake to level.


Step Four: Put in the filter

  • Carefully place the tower into the carafe
  • Place a paper filter or reusable filter on top of the coffee


Step Five: Pre-wet the coffee

  • You will now add 2oz/60ml of water to evenly soak the coffee grounds


Step Six: Insert the valve

  • Carefully push the plug down into the tower. Wet the lip of the seal to help it slide in easily.


Step Seven: Measure your water
  • You will now measure 24oz/700g of ice and water (about half water/half ice) and pour into the tower.

Step Eight: Set the drip rate
  • When the etched line on the stainless steel valve tube lines up with the slot in the silicone, the valve will be fully open.
  • Turn the knob clockwise to slow the drip rate
  • Bruer recommends setting the drip rate to one drip per second, which will fall within the 'target range'. 

Step Nine: 
  • Enjoy the deliciously smooth cold brew coffee! 

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