Choosing your Coffee: Roast Level

Coffee Roasting is the heating process which turns green coffee beans into the brown coffee beans we all love.

Have you ever wondered what the coffee roast level means and which one you should select for various brewing methods?

We hope the below general guidelines will help you out:

Light Roast:

Represents the initial stage of roasting where the beans begin to expand and crack, also known as the 'first crack'. Colour-wise it is light brown.

Light coffee beans retain more of the origin flavours of the coffee bean and the resulting profile is light bodied, aromatic with fruity and even floral tasting notes. They will have more caffeine than the other roast types, more acidity and have no surface oil. 

Lightly roasted beans are suited towards filtration brewing methods. I.e Hario V60 and Chemex. 

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    Medium Roast: 

    The beans will remain roasting for slightly longer to the beginning of the 'second crack' and be medium-brown in colour.

    They will have a fuller body than light roasts, less acidity, a much sweeter profileand more balanced flavours/ aroma. Like the light roast, they will also have no oil on their surface. 

    Medium roast beans are well suited towards espresso and filter brewing methods.

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    Medium-Dark Roast:

    Medium-Dark beans are roasted to the middle of the 'second crack'.

    The extended roasting will mean these beans will be darker-brown in colour and have some oil on the surface. They will have a full bodied profile, low acidity and more noticeable flavours/ aromas. 

    These beans are especially suited for espresso coffee. They can also be great for filter and plunger brew methods.

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    Dark Roast: 

    These beans will be dark brown in colour, sometimes almost black. They will have a noticeable sheen of oil on the surface.

    Dark roasts will have the least amount of acidity and caffeine, but be fuller in body and richer in flavour. They will possess less of the origin flavours and more smoky, bitter tones due to the longer roasting period.

    These beans are suited for plunger/ french press and espresso. 

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