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Here at The Coffee Collective, we are pleased to bring you a great range of products from The Laughing Pug, including whole coffee beans, ground coffee, drip coffee bags, "Pug Nuts" and more. Shop online and have your order Freshly Roasted, Delivered To You.

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About The Laughing Pug

The Laughing Pug believes coffee lovers need a way to get consistently good coffee in order to kickstart their day and ultimately fulfil their goals and dreams. With the Laughing Pug's coffee, you are able to replicate an exceptional cup of coffee; every time. 

Based in the deep west of Auckland with a passion for quality coffee, The Laughing Pug are proud to bring you some of the finest coffee all the way from Papua New Guinea. While they don't happen to sell any laughing pugs (keep us posted if you've got one), they hope that their coffee brings the same kind of joy to your day.


Their beans

Originally planted in the 1960’s, the majority of Papua New Guinea’s coffee trees come from quality bean stock of Jamaican Typica (aka Blue Mountain) and Bourbon Varietals of Coffee Arabica. Though Typica, the original coffee varietal of Coffee Arabica, generally produces lower yields than other varietals, the cup quality is top notch. Bourbon, on the other hand, produces slightly higher yields with a distinctive, memorable sweetness.

As opposed to being produced by large farms or estates, the majority of coffee produced in Papua New Guinea comes from premium small holders, many of whom are subsistence farmers in the highland tribes. Handpicked and pulped communally, the coffee beans are grown without the use of chemicals, often in the shade and/or with mixed crops. Centrally processed using the wet process (washed) and sun dried on patios, the best coffee from this process is graded as PSC, or Premium Smallholder Coffee. The Laughing Pug is proud to be a part of this process, which is not only considered highly sustainable and quality-focused, but creates a vital income source for Papua New Guinea’s small holders as well as a great cup of coffee for their consumers!

Using their state of the art Italian made roaster, the beans are slow roasted to a medium brown colour. The resulting cup displays good acidity and body with smooth, creamy, chocolaty flavour accompanied by hints of nut.



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