Society Coffee Colombia Narino Aponte Honey

We Taste

Tangerine & red apple nectar | Pulped Cherry | Caramel

 We Feel

Medium-full body | Juicy & Clean | Milk tea like aftertaste

Degree of Roast

Suitable for

Producer: 200 small holder producers around Aponte, Narino
Region: Aponte, Narino
Altitude: 1700-1800 m.a.s.l.
Harvest:  June - August
Varieties:  Caturra
Processed: Honey

    Most coffees from Colombia typically undergo the traditional washed method during processing. However, this particular batch goes through a more intricate honey process, adding a unique touch. In this method, the beans are allowed to dry in their mucilage for a span of 20-45 days, taking advantage of the region's cool, brisk winds to ensure an evenly drying process.

    The producers of this region are the Inga, an indigenous community with a fascinating history. They were once part of the northernmost Inca empire, which extended its influence into the southern regions of Colombia during the late 14th century. The land here is communal, and the community is guided by a "cabildo," a group of respected elders who diligently preserve their ancestral traditions.

    It's unfortunate that the people of this area have faced hardships due to earthquakes in recent years. However, they have embraced the specialty coffee industry as a means to generate income for the region. By focusing on producing exceptional coffee, they not only showcase their rich cultural heritage but also contribute to the economic growth and resilience of their community.

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